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Sam Collins

Author of 'A Color Coded World'

About The Author

     Sam Collins is the author of A Color Coded World, a diverse dystopian story about six kids in a color coded world trying to overthrow their utopian goverment. Also including paranormal activity, A Color Coded World started out on Wattpad, a website used by thousands.

     Sam Collins is actully not her real name, just a pen name she's used for all of her works. She started out a girl with big dreams, and is now able to work towards those writing dreams.

The Color Coded World

A Sneak Peak
      A young man, about twenty-one, nervously walks into the steel room to face a woman. He wipes his sweaty palms on his pants, avoiding the dark-skinned woman's gaze.

     Finally he spoke; "The oil spill we had in sectors Yellow and Red a couple weeks back hasn't been cleaned up yet." He looks up at the female to see any reaction, but she stayed still, her expression unreadable. He continues with, "Some of that oil was used in the Gravels. A-and it's created a different type of person. It's a female, and we don't know what to do with her."

     He speaks all of this very fast, but the woman manages to catch every single word. She stands up, her bald head shining dimly in the office light.

      "Send her to every color of continent. We need to find out where she belongs, and fast. Send her to yellow first, I want to see her reaction when she gets there." The woman grins evilly and motions for the male to leave, but not before taking his arm for herself.

The Original Cover Created By The Author
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